• Hair Color: depends on my mood , but
  • Likes: dance is my passion; money &food are the way to my heart; I also like fashion, and making progress!
  • Dislikes: My time not being valued and being told NO ¤
  • Interested In: Living a healthy and wealthy lifestyle; entrepreneurship; anything home related (real estate, interior design); traveling; cooking; reading; fitness; and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Playlist: I listen to all music (the guitar is my favorite instrument), but when performing for you, I get in my zone to R&B and hip hop. You can also requests songs for me to dance to, I'm always down for diversity.
  • Work Schedule: night shifts but I'm also available upon request so go ahead and book me for guaranteed availability
  • BIO: They call me Sunny , but you can call me whatever you want in the champagne room! I'm literally the FULL PACKAGE (beauty, brains and BODY), but I can show you better than I can tell you ˜. Come invest in me and allow me to have you leaving in a much better mood. It's your loss if you don't!